Second and last stage

Prices from COP $739'100,000 including 2 parking spaces and a storage room. (Prices and conditions can be modified without previous notice before placing a downpayment on the property).

Stage 2: areas from 140.48 to 194.60 square meters. (Includes private area of 131.04 and 182.45 square meters plus walls, stows and columns.

The perfect place to live peacefully, a modern and elegant ambience where you'll find the life you deserve, enjoying an exclusive location.

Buy it with comfortable payments

You can pay the property with 15 payments distributed like this:

140 square meters apartment on 30th floor.

- COP $15'000,000 at the moment you choose your apartment

- 13 monthly payments of COP $23'290,000

- One final payment of COP $476'450,960 at the 15th month

Total Investment: COP $794'200,000

legal notice

Stage 1 deliveries will be made on 2016 third trimester, and the second stage will be delivered on 2017 second semester, as long as the established balance point of sales for each stage is accomplished, licenses and permits are obtained, not meaning to vary the proposed dates.

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