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Holy rivers, thank you San Carlos

Holy rivers, thank you San Carlos

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

November, 2016.

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Let’s leave the routine and know about other places.

Let’s continue with the suggested places to visit, our next recommendation is the Municipality of San Carlos.

Located at Antioquia’s eastern sub region, 108 km from Medellin, it’s surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, creeks and other water sources; and matching its 23/25 Celsius degrees and the vast variety of animals and plants, make it one of the most beautiful landscapes of Antioquia.

You’ll take the road to Guarne from Medellin, then straight to Santuario, then you make a right turn. You can also turn right at Marinilla looking for San Rafael and after that, you’ll get to San Carlos. It’s a 4-hour distance approximately. There are two tolls going east on Las Palmas, Airport and Santa Elena; Light vehicles know as category 1, must pay $9,500 pesos. If you’re going on a bus, the ticket goes for $21,500 each person, you can take it at the Terminal del Norte at Medellin and the closest Metro station it Caribe.

It’s a warm place with a lot of rivers to swim in, thanks to its good topography it has eco paths for long walks, you can also do extreme sports, it has an important number of wells and ponds, conformed by 76 creeks and 6 rivers; once you visit, you won’t be able to resist and will jump in and enjoy those fresh crystal waters.

Once you arrive

As I mentioned before, you have a lot of options walking on the “Sancarlitanos” land, having such water wealth, it has become a great touristic spot for those who enjoy water and forests. The Juanes, Punchina, Playas and Calderas hydro-electrics, make San Carlos an electrical provider of 20% of Colombia’s energy, hence its bathing spots or diverse; I chose San Antonio among them: located inside on its urban part, has wells, kiosks with bbq grills and a camping zone. Going through it, you’ll see a path going to the waterfall, one of the most popular spots in town, the water falls from 30 meters up, you can also practice canyoning there, extreme sport descending from a rock tied from the top with water falling on you.

The best thing you can do is stay overnight, if you don’t like camping (cheapest option) it won’t be hard to find a hotel. Staying is the best option because next morning you can visit more places of interest, like “La Viejita”, it has 2 waterfalls with great ponds, it’s 10 minutes away from the main park, it also has kiosks, natural parks and of course ponds.

Also, going to San Carlos without going to the “Piedra del Tabor” is going back incomplete. This is close to the main park; you’ll go by the “Pasitos del niño Dios” waterfall (they call it that way because it looks like the niño Dios would have walked through there) and the view form there is to die for.

Now, if you want to make a more demanding walk, get up early to go to “La Chorrera” creek, it’s worth to see a 750 meters waterfall on limestone, when you look into it if has different green tones on its multiple ponds, it’s a walk through a semi virgin jungle, and after a 3 hour walk you’ll get to the “Charco del Amigo”, famous for having a rock with the shape of a bath.

The “Sancarlitanos” say: “those who visit San Carlos will always come back”. Colombia’s hydro electrical capital is filled with greenness, come visit and have more to talk about. your social media marketing partner

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