Let’s jump to Alejandría

Let’s jump to Alejandría

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

November, 2016.

Photo by alejandria-antioquia.gov.co

Five in the morning: sports gear, good grip shoes, backpack with bathing suit, sun glasses, sun screen, hat, water thermos and whatever else you think you need. Destination?

SALTO VELO DE NOVIA at Alejandria Antioquia

Following my desire to offer you Antioquia’s and its surrounding places exclusive things, we’ll start waking up early so the day can be long.

“El Salto Velo de Novia” is located between Alejandria’s Remolinos path and Concepcion’s Fatima path; 5.5 kilometers from Alejandria’s center; it’s also called “el Salto de Perez”. “La Perla de Nare” awaits with its 20 Celsius degree temperature.

It’s a Rio Nare’s waterfall approximately 25 meters high, drawing the limits between the Concepcion, Santo Domingo and Alejandria municipalities, surrounded by a vast natural vegetation, has natural baths on 5 or 6 ponds, big spaces along the river making it a perfect spot to do camping and places to fish. It’s Alejandria’s most popular destination thanks to its deep and crystal waters shocking by its fall.

It’s most visited on weekends and holidays, especially during June, July and December, summer seasons; that’s why I also recommend (if you have the chance) to go on weekdays or weekends on other months; this way you can enjoy this paradise as a private spot.

Let’s land the idea

Located at Antioquia’s east side, it’s 75 kilometers outside Medellin (on Barbosa’s road), you have to make a right turn before arriving to Barbosa, go straight ahead for 18 kilometers more and you’ll find Alejandria’s municipality.

If you go by car, you’ll have to pay a toll for $8,900 COP for light vehicles. Motorcycles doesn’t have to pay for tolls; if you go by bus, you’ll have to take it at la Terminal del Norte, paying $16,000 COP for each person (rates tend to change) the closest metro station will be Caribe and the transportation companies covering this route are:

  1. COOPETRANSA ticket window # 39. Contact number: 2933131 or 2309432
  2. SOTRASANVICENTE Y GUATAPE LA PIEDRA S.C.A ticket window # 14. Contact number: 2305119

If you decide to go by bus, call the transportation company before leaving so you can confirm their schedule, this way you’ll be able to organize your time once you arrive to your destination, but once you get there, please go to the local transportation office and confirm that the scheduled time matches the one they are giving you there. Don’t worry if the bus doesn’t leave at the scheduled time, be patient, is just something common here.

There’s 5 kilometers of rough road from Alejandria to “El Salto Velo de Novia”. If you don’t like to use your light vehicle through this kind of road, it’s better to leave at the town and take public transportation at the park, they will take you to the final destination. Knowing your vehicle is safe is a key factor for your relaxation; because once you’re going through the road, you’ll know what I?m talking about and maybe even thank me for it. It’s not an impossible road; but if your vehicle wasn’t designed for this kind of road, it will be an unnecessary wear, plus public transportation is not expensive.

Once you’re in the Salto de la Novia’s area you won’t find any touristic commodities other than the views and ground; but you’ll find the “Casa Roja” finca just 100 meters away, and at 300 more meters there’s “Los Termales” finca (both on Santo Domingo’s municipality) current visitors say those spaces can be used and both fincas can provide sanitary services, clean water, energy, among others; owners allow the Salto Vela de Novia to be accessed from their fincas if you respect their belongings and crops. It’s a common thing to ask around once you’re there if you can use those spaces; if there’s a waterfall you want to use on those grounds, please ask its residents if it’s ok to do so.

“You’ll bet to Rome just by asking” is a very “paisa” saying. Take advantage of your visit by visiting more interesting spots, just ask around once you’re there, chat to locals and they’ll let you know where to go.

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