A different sight

A different sight

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

January, 2017.

Photo by Panoramio.com

Walking through El Poblado is not the same as crossing it by car, motorcycle or bus. Walking allows you to look deeper and calmly. A number of perceptions can come up about the vast number of different social weathers changing from one sector to another, moving from block to block.


It´s better to avoid doing it on rush hour (6:30 a.m to 8:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m) Hours of heavy traffic.

Avenida El Poblado to Envigado

Lineal and mostly flat road, the difficulty level is set by each individual, there’s no way of getting lost because after you go north-south on that road, getting to your destination will be a breeze. There are sidewalks throughout the whole road; since it’s a main road connecting Medellin with Sabaneta and Envigado, the whole path is very secure because there’s a vast amount of traffic around (people and cars).

From El Poblado to Medellin’s downtown, by Palacé

Medellin’s downtown is known by its huge commercial variety with lower prices, plus you get to get a closer look to the local cultural contrast. If you came to Medellin and didn’t visit El Hueco, El Parque Botero, El Parque Bolívar, La Avenida Oriental, among others, is having done a half-visit to this city. If you’re staying at a Poblado hotel, you may take the Avenida El Poblado going south-north to the San Diego’s mall roundabout, then you have to look for a street called Palacé, keep going on the same direction south-north, that will take you downtown, keep going until reaching Medellin’s heart.

Tranversales by the hills

There are two transversales: Superior and Inferior. They both give you access to Poblado’s different hills, hills are, like their name state, perpendicular roads of mid-high level difficulty; but you’ll have a different point of view of its neighborhoods when you go through them; they become interesting because they have small paths connecting into themselves. Although security has improved, it’s better if you don’t bring ant valuable objects.

As a tip, exercise for your memory and so you can learn how to move across El Poblado, (not a common thing on the locals), ty to remember the streets names and numbers. This will help you know the area better and you’ll feel so proud to tell a cab driver which way to go, this will help you avoiding unnecessary turns.

From Patio Bonito to Sabaneta

You get to El Parque de La Bailarina by Calle 9 or 8, then you’ll have two options: to the right where you’ll see the Éxito supermarket or to the left by Patio Bonito’s main church. Cross the little stream, go through Avenida Las Vegas, then you will see the Universidad Eafit, go across the big Aguacatala brigde, you’ll pass by the Casa Teatro El Poblado, and a lot more places, making of this a great walk with different activities. You’ll see another concept going a little further: Sabaneta.

Allow yourself to be surprised, go through an unknown road, it may take you to an unexpected or unknown place. But don’t worry, you won’t get lost thanks to the locals kindness!

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