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The letters tour

The letters tour

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

February, 2017.

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Being in public; but privately.  Getting away from the noise and entering imaginary atmospheres out of fictional tales, soap opera like, almost real, cartoonish. So many literature pieces allowing to escape, recreate, rest; But lets you use your imagination at the same time. Those you want to keep reading even if you’re sleepy, you even wonder why it isn’t waterproof so you can keep reading in the shower, where even the louder noises can’t stop you from getting into the story. That’s human joy!

It’s not a rich or intellectual people subject (because most of the literature should be more accessible in Colombia) it’s an individual thing nowadays: “You don’t read because you don’t want to”, not even because you don’t like it; because there’s material for all tastes, also there are well prepared advisers which will suggests books and authors, of any kind as particular as they may be, that’s why they’re there for, so you can travel to another galaxy by reading.

In fact, some people say reading makes them sleepy or they don’t have the time, I think those are reactions to a bad reading choice in the past. We can enter the letters world by making a right choice, listening to our real taste and interests, reading about what we like is a gift of life. Yes, a gift because you don’t have to pay the library for a book, it’s a decent service, professional, respectful, peaceful and those projects the authors spend months or years organizing, are there waiting to be read, to show their erudite wonders.

I want to recommend some libraries and some of them are close to the 14th Colony, El Poblado, not only because these are academic libraries helping college life, but because the colony’s neighbors can visit and access the entire book collection, and the cinema, music and virtual rooms. They can also loan material and join their different cultural activities.

Parque Biblioteca Manuel Mejía Vallejo 

It’s located just in front of the Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera’s cargo zone. It’s a public building with different spaces for educational and recreational purposes: it’s meant for different groups of people, its architectural design has great sunlight, ventilation, lightning, acoustics and ergonomics.

Address: Carrera 65G # 14-115, Barrio Santa Fé, Medellín.

Phone: 3510495

Biblioteca José Félix de Restrepo

Located at Envigado, transforming not only its surroundings but also the ones on close municipalities, with extension programs, braille teaching, among others, integral and involving services.

How to get there?

By Metro: Envigado station – Ruta integrada (Parque Envigado)

By bus: Parque Envigado

Address: Carrera 42 # 35S-62, Envigado

Phones: 2761320 – 2702951

Centro Cultural-Biblioteca Luis Echavarría Villegas, Universidad EAFIT

Has open collections to for ease of access to the library’s material and have a comfortable stay. You can use its spaces by being on the counters surrounding the collections, on the second and third floor tables and cubicles, also on the study rooms located at the torre técnica.

Address: Carrera 49 # 17C Sur – 7, Universidad Eafit, Medellín.

Phone: 2619500

Parque Cultural Débora Arango

It’s a space where citizen’s participation is promoted and has a great amount of services, the writing and reading taste also preserve local memory.

How to get there?

By Bus: Ruta Señorial (From Centro to Envigado)

Itaguí Ruta 1 and 2 (From Envigado to Itaguí and from Itaguí to Envigado)

Metro’s buses from Envigado station to Envigado (El Salado, San Rafael, La Mina, Arenales, Chingui 1 and 2, Hospital, Zúñiga, Las Palmas)

Metro´s buses from Envigado to Envigado´s station (routes: Alto de Las Flores, Hospital, Farolito-Escobero)

Address: Calle 37 Sur # 45B-27, Barrio Alcalá, Envigado

Phone: 3394000 Extensions: 4804 – 4808 – 4812 – 4813

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