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Poblado´s C02

Poblado's C02 - Part I

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

February, 2017.

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It’s important to know the importance of every living being surrounding us because it’s up to us to keep the environmental balance. Fauna and flora are equally vital for human existence, thinking of a treeless ecosystem, would be knowing there will be a lack of oxygen, the main element for every living being to develop.

Starting from several articles and using a local paper as a source, you’ll get to know Poblado’s trees, so when you walk its streets, you can discover the flora surrounding you, exercise your memory and sense of observation.

Yellow Guayacán

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You´ll see this particular tree on a lot of Medellin streets and urban landscaping. You’ll also find some purple and white ones (smaller amount). This trees make Medellin prettier with their yellow, purple and white flowers, locals are proud of the way the streets look when they bloom.

Flor de reina (Queen’s flower)

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We sow this tree as ornamental and for shadows thanks to its dense foliage and beautiful flowers which cover it up to the top for about two months. It has a bent trunk by growing here, not very useful.


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About 3 to 4 meters high and 15 centimeters wide on the trunk. It’s a small tree, almost a bush, they’re a bright light green, its flowers are white and have aroma. Its seed are in two rows inside a red pulp. There are several of this on Calle 7 with Carrera 39.

Palma Zancona

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From South America’s north side, but also found on Peru and Bolivia, it grows on areas with no more than 1’200 meters altitude. It’s thin, lonely and no thorns. Has green color, almost yellow when it’s young. It becomes a lighter gray as the time goes by. It can get 30 meters high and 25 centimeters wide.

Tulipán Africano (African Tulip)

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It can be 15 meters high and 60 centimeters wide. It grown quickly when outdoors exposed to a warm and wet weather. Its wood is used for indoor building but it’s also used for firewood. Other uses include living fence, wind breaker curtains or sowed on mixed plantains to recover bad soils. This tree can be seen at Avenida El Poblado with Calle 8.

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