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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Medellin

There’s Much to Move for in Medellin, Colombia

There’s Much to Move for in Medellin, Colombia

By: Melissa Villalobos

April, 2017.

Photo by Carlos Lozano

Medellin, Colombia offers citizens and visitors many things when it comes to entertainment, fun outdoor activities including scenic rivers, shoreline and great places to go hiking or camping. There are also many ideal places to eat and socialize with friends and family. Not only will you never be bored while visiting, but you’ll never run out of things to do if you’re a resident in the area because there are numerous historical buildings, museums and other interesting places to visit every day. With so much to offer, you can rest assured that Colombia is a country with something to offer for everyone no matter your tastes or areas of interest.

Things to do in Medellin for Fun

If you are considering a move to Medellin, you may be interested in some of the great things to do locally when you arrive. Be sure to take a little time to check out these popular places that both residents and tourists enjoy visiting throughout the year.

The Joaquin Uribe Botanical Garden of Medellin (Jardín Botánico)

The strong presence of nature throughout Colombia makes way for the beautiful botanical gardens in Medellin. Most people simply refer to the garden as the botanical garden and with a tranquil feel to them, you can sit and enjoy all that nature offers for hours on end. With more than 1,000 living species and 4,500 types of flowers, there is something to be explored within. The botanical garden hosts several festivals and popular events throughout the year and have been a popular spot for locals to visit and enjoy relaxing day trips with family and friends.

Nutibara Hill (Cerro Nutibara)

This hill is a protected area, but open to those that want to come enjoy the scenery. Bring lunch for the day and look over the sides to the city below. With plenty of hiking trails, you can see an abundance of wild life located throughout the area. This is a beautiful place to visit when the weather is mild and you want to take exploration to a new level. Nutibara Hill is not only an ideal place to see some great nature scenes, but you can also see an exhibition of sculptures.

Barefoot Park (Parque de los Pies Descalzos)

Inspired by Zen, this park invites those in the area to come in and take off their shoes. There are green areas that have bamboo and grass, allowing you to sit down with a good book and snacks. There are also beautifully designed water fountains in this area, providing a quiet lull from the water coming within them. Located near the Medellin River, the park also includes an interactive science museum where people of all ages can explore and have a little hands-on fun while they go through the museum.

Plenty of Homes

With plenty of homes to choose from, you can find a place for one or even up to six people, or more. With affordable prices for furnished apartments for rent as well as sales prices for homes, you can save a little each month to spend on experiences rather than spending every dime you make on the cost of living. Local homes provide beautiful views, full equipped kitchens and an upscale feel, allowing you to spend your days relaxing on the balcony or looking out large windows to the views below.

The Move is a Relatively Easy One

Contrary to popular belief that moving to another country is intimidating and a lot of work, a move to Colombia is not really that difficult to make. You should however, hire a moving company for your household goods unless you plan to bring a suitcase and rent a furnished home. An overseas mover can provide you with a way to easily transport your items but you will be required to pay import taxes and other fees as well as provide a few important documents to customs.

Household Goods Paperwork Requirements:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Proof of Residence
  • Bill of Lading from shipper
  • Detailed Packing List
  • Comprehensive Inventory - Typed in Spanish with Serial and Model Numbers of Electronic Devices

There are some great public transportation options as well as affordable places to rent cars, vans and even buses, so most people don’t need to import a personal car at all. Others however, may have a need to travel frequently to areas outside the city and may want to save money on rentals by having their own car available. Visit for more information on shipping a vehicle to Medellin.

Vehicle Documentation Required for Vehicle Imports:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Permit for Imports
  • Title
  • Registration
  • Sales Invoice
  • Bill of Lading from shipper

It may be a good idea to plan a short vacation to Colombia before packing up and moving long-term. This way, you can explore the local area and speak to a realtor to find the perfect home. Once you arrive for your move, be sure to take a little time to get to know neighbors and see what your new neighborhood offers for fun, exercise and life in general when living in Colombia.

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