Poblado's C02 - Part II

By: Maria Fernanda Caballero Mejía

May, 2017.

Photo by Carlos Lozano

CO2 = Life

El Poblado would be very different without its trees and the oxygen they expel, it’s very important to us. Let’s keep talking about the trees surrounding us so not only we’ll appreciate the oxygen they produce but we’ll learn to identify them and take care of them.


It can be frequently seen as interior and exterior plant. It’s also used as boundary or windbreaker. It has a light gray cortex and has a lot of white latex. Its roots are superficial, long and strong. Leaves have a dark green shiny color and could go up to 12 centimeters long. Its diameter is around 1 meter, has an extended round tip. It will cover up to 12 meters around.


It could grow up to 30 meters tall and 1 meter around. It will cover up to 12 meters around. Deep roots, milky smell on some of its young parts, reddish color on its leaves when it’s young, darker shiny green when older. It has small yellow flowers which smell wonderful.

Pino Libro

It´s a short tree, won’t be more than 12 meters tall and has a unique round body which won’t be more than 20 centimeters round. Its tip is like a pyramid and narrow like a Christmas tree. Perfect for a city because it doesn’t have any restrictions on roots, height or anything, hence you can see it in front gardens, parks, city paths and road divisions all over Medellin.


A small tree which won’t grow more than 6 meters tall.  It has a wide open tip made out of a few long extended branches that will cover up to 4 meters around and has deep roots.


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Photo by Carlos Lozano your social media marketing partner


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