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Iza Legal Services is a legal company based in Medellín, Colombia, directed to foreign people that wants in a near future live or invest in Colombia. IZA specialize in Real Estate Law, Investment Law, Corporative Law &Visas, looking for the best interest of our customers and helping through procedures without wasting time and extra headaches, but most importantly IZA is recognized to provide a personalized service and fair prices.

Some of our services are:

Real Estate Law:

We help customers understand and complete the necessary legal process to purchase property in Colombia, and ease you through the process right up until the purchase process is complete, our real estate services include:

Filling and registering Investment Forms.

POA for legal representation.

Study of titles

Promise of contract/Purchase Agreement.

Purchase deed.

Registry of the deed.

Foreign Investment:

The process to transfer funds from abroad to Colombia and to register the investment in Central Bank can be daunting. Iza Legal Services ensures its customers file the required forms correctly and on time.

When is required to fill the forms:

  • When purchasing a property
  • When investing in a company
  • When investing in Portfolio
  • When investing in future shares in a company
  • For any LLC investments


Iza Legal Services helps its customers obtain all types of Colombian visas, including visas for foreigners who want reside in Colombia permanently or want to remain in Colombia for over 180 days. Iza Legal Services offers a personalized service that helps customers through the process of obtaining the “cedula de extranjería” Our services include:

Official translations



Package to stamp Passport in Bogotá and avoid traveling

Legal assistance and guidance


Any questions, please contact us on info@izalegalservices.com or visit or web page on www.izalegalservices.com


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