5 Things To Love About A Lovely Place Called Sabaneta (Medellin)
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Medellin has a lot of wonderful places to visit, enjoy and fall in love with, but mostly foreigners tend to visit the same neighborhoods. This time we want to show you the wonderful Sabaneta, a small municipality at Medellin's south side. It has everything you'll need for any ocassion or type of activity, food, walks, nightlife, tours, sports, you name it...it has it! So come on, aren't you tired of visiting and talking about the same places? Let's do something new and fall in love all over again!

1. That Small Town Feel

One of the biggest values of Antioquia (Medellin's department) is the montañero culture, meaning the culture of people who live in the mountains and make a living out of harvesting. You'll breathe this at Sabaneta, its park is a very traditional place, with people arriving in horses, listening to guasca music, drinking aguardiente, cerveza and eating empanadas and morcilla. Montañero people tend to party harder on Sundays right after buying groceries for their homes, so Sundays are always fun at this park!

2. Lots of Local, delicious Food
Empanadas Morcilla (Black pudding)

Have you ever tried an empanada from Antioquia? Well this is the real thing! Man, you're just not capable of stopping or not ever wanting one at whatever time it is. They come in several sizes and different fillings, such as meat and rice, mashed potatoes and meat, beans and pork, etc. Their perfect companion is a spicy sauce called aji, guacamole or even lemon. Just madness!

Black pudding was born in Greece, kudos to them for that, but you haven't had black pudding until you taste Antioquia's one. Deliciously cooked or fried, the rice, onions, and spices makes this just a perfect companion for a few drinks of even as a full meal, just make sure it's served with arepa! Oh and please, squeeze a lemon on it...you'll thank me later after you taste it.

Sabaneta has an incredible amount of places to eat, from little stands on the street...to glamour restaurants, it's amazing how many food places there is, so you won't ever run out of options, for every taste and every wallet.

Are you a dessert fan? No worries, there are a lot of places you can get unique desserts all over Sabaneta!

Bandeja Paisa Tamal Antioqueño
3. Amazing Nightlife

Sabaneta is a nightlife place. It has lots of bars, fondas, clubs, but if you really want to experience Sabaneta...stay at the park, have a couple of aguardientes and order a picada (a dish with lots of different meats like pork, beef, chorizo, ribs, arepa, french fries, etc). There's always someone there doing the same thing, and new people are always arriving. There's music, entertainment, nice people, beautiful girls...what more can you ask for?

4. Sports And Nature Just Blocks Away

Sabaneta is located in the south limits of Medellin, so it has nature all around it. Thanks to this, there are natural cascades, lakes and eco paths in which you'll be able to bath, do some rafting, walk or ride horses. See? Everything in one spot!

5. Everything You Need Nearby

There are two big malls right in Sabaneta, the best one is Mayorca. It has restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters, tech shops, gym, banks, you name it...it has it. The best brands are here so you can even walk to it and do whatever you need.

Interested In Having a Great Time Or Just Investing?

There are two big malls right in Sabaneta, the best one is Mayorca. It has restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters, tech shops, gym, banks, you name it...it has it. The best brands are here so you can even walk to it and do whatever you need.


This is a lovely big house with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 levels, 419 square meters, double garage, 3 balconies and double garage. It's a brand new beautiful space, inside the city but you'll feel like at a finca. It's a condo with swimming pool, playground and green areas. The whole house has wonderful decoration, has an open kitchen, lots of windows and light. There's an incredible terrace on the top floor for your gatherings, barb-q's, parties, and whatever you want. There's also a storage room. This house is located at the wonderful municipality of Sabaneta, part of Medellin...but different, feels like a traditional paisa town. You'll be 5 minutes by foot away from the Aves María mall, where you'll find gym, supermarkets, restaurants, cinema, banks, etc.

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Rincon De La Doctora

It's a wonderful two stories house inside a private condo. The lot is 524 square meters, but the house itself is 418 square meters. There are 3 bedrooms plus the maid's room, 4 bathrooms, 1 balcony and two terraces. You'll feel like you're in a country house here, you'll be surrounded by fruit trees, lots of gardens and grass, fresh air and your own space to relax and enjoy. Once you reach the house you'll see the lovely facade, pretty hip and modern, park your car and start entering this lovely place. There's an ample living room/dining area for you to decorate and enjoy according to your taste, and the possibilities are infinite! There are 4 lovely bathrooms across the whole house, all hip and modern. You'll have two covered garages and two external ones, there's a storage room, two terraces, 2 patios and the condo has shared swimming pool, sauna, kid's playground, 24/7 security, eco paths, fruit trees and a lot more!

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Very nice apartment with an incredible view to a huge forest. The apartment has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large central room for your lounge and dining room. This has very good amenities, like a built in LED lightning system and also a very good sound system. The apartment has lovely finishes, it's only two years old. It's inside an enclosed condo, which has 24/7 security, 3 heated outdoor swimming pools, a lobby, green areas, skate pie, bmx freestyle field, etc. You'll be at Sabaneta, one of the most entertaining spots of Medellin, surrounded by great restaurants, some discos, bars, malls, and the famously traditional park, it's so alive we can´t even put in in words.

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